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Breaking glass: why canned beer is on the rise

Beer enthusiasts have long debated the merits of canned beer versus bottled beer. While both formats have their loyal followings, canned beer has been rapidly gaining popularity – even among the traditional craft beer market – for several compelling reasons.

First off, it’s the ultimate choice for those who crave convenience and portability. Cans are lightweight, easy to stack, and compact. Whether you’re heading to a BBQ, a music festival, or a camping trip, canned beer is the ideal companion – and there’s no risk of broken glass posing a hazard to the party. For the brewer, shipping costs can be also reduced significantly as more cans can be stacked on a pallet compared to bottles. This ultimately benefits the consumer by keeping costs down.

Portability aside, another key advantage of canned beer is its ability to preserve the freshness and flavour of the brew. Cans provide an airtight seal that protects the beer from light and oxygen, two elements that can degrade the quality of the beverage over time. This results in a longer shelf life and ensures that the beer inside remains as fresh as the day it was canned.

Canned beer also cools down faster than bottled beer as the aluminium shell conducts heat more efficiently than glass and is greatly appreciated in those spontaneous moments when you want to enjoy a cold beer without the wait!

Other pluses include being more environmentally friendly than bottles. Aluminium is highly recyclable, and its recycling process requires significantly less energy compared to glass. Its lightweight nature also helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation which makes it a more eco-friendly choice for some drinkers.

And there is no need for canned beer to look boring. At Okell’s we have produced textured cans with our unique “wave” design to enhance the drinking experience. Cans can also be produced in many different sizes and formats. Watch this space for more news on this!

Overall, the benefits of canned beer are hard to ignore. From being easy to carry and preserving freshness to quicker chilling and a reduced environmental impact, cans have a lot of advantages over glass that make them a practical and more sustainable choice for the modern beer enthusiast.