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Exploring hops: the new varieties coming to your pint

As brewers, it’s our job to always be on the lookout for ways in which we can improve our beer or offer a fresh taste to discerning beer drinkers. One of the crucial ingredients in developing a beer is the hops that are used and in recent years we’ve seen several new varieties making inroads into the traditional beer market.

Hops are small, cone-shaped flowers that not only contribute bitterness to beer but also imbue a wide array of flavours and aromas. At Okell’s, we have built up a good relationship with our hop suppliers over time which has allowed us to develop many specialty or limited-edition beers.

As well as helping us to create unique and distinctive beers, it means we have had early access to some of these varieties. So what are the new hops on the block and what do they bring to our beers?

Nectaron: The Rising Star

Nectaron is a hop from New Zealand that has rapidly gained popularity among brewers worldwide. Known for its unique combination of tropical fruit, citrus, and stone fruit flavours, Nectaron brings a refreshing twist to beer profiles. Offering both bittering and aromatic properties, its versatility allows brewers to experiment across various beer styles, from hazy IPAs to fruity pale ales, creating a complex sensory experience that is captivating beer enthusiasts.


While Nectaron has stolen the headlines, the Sabro hop from the United States is recognised for its coconut, lime, and tropical fruit notes. This hop has found its place in many modern beer styles, contributing a unique and refreshing taste.


Also originating from the United States, Strata offers a blend of citrus, berry, and pine aromas. It has become a favourite among brewers aiming to create bold and aromatic brews.


With a lineage that includes Cascade, Northern Brewer, and a wild variety, Cashmere brings flavours of melon, lemon, and lime. This hop is valued for its ability to enhance both aroma and flavour in a variety of beer styles.

Barbe Rouge

Hailing from France, Barbe Rouge is characterized by its red fruit and strawberry aromas. This hop has gained popularity in the brewing community for its unique and distinctive flavour profile, particularly suited to IPAs.

In the ever-evolving world of craft beer, the range of available hops is expanding. With varieties like Nectaron taking centre stage, brewers now have a diverse palette of flavours to explore and integrate into their creations. The future of beer promises to be a flavourful and aromatic journey!